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Sean Kingston

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Sean Kingston is an American singer and rapper.

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Sean Kingston

Stamina and MySpace form an unbeatable combination: Sean Kingston uses the two components and is a breakthrough that can not be avoided by producer J. R. Rotem before his 18th birthday.

As the youngest of three children of a single mother, Kisean Anderson is born at the Broward General Hospital on 3 February 1990. He and his family spend the first years of their lives in Florida before they move to Jamaica together.

Here, Sean learns the culture of the island and at the same time his musical heritage: his grandfather Jack ‘L Lindo’ Ruby was a producer for Bob Marley and the Wailers. Reggae-Star Buju Banton is one of the close friends of the family and provides Sean with one or the other good tip for business. He himself chooses the name of the Jamaican capital to his alias.

Already at a tender age, Sean sings where he stands and goes. Since he’s ten years old, he writes his own lyrics and songs. Impressed by the skills of her nest, his mother invests in studio time. At twelve, Sean has already flown to a considerable freestyle rapper. Together with a producer he is a duo.

“At about this time, he met Hip Hop producer Lil Jon before a nightclub in Miami,” remembers his mother in an interview. “He went straight up to him and pressed his demo into his hand, and Lil Jon shook his hand, and promised he would listen to it, but Kisean had not turned around, he threw it on the floor Which is probably funny. “

“Kisean saw it,” Mama Anderson continued. “He came home and was so outraged that he announced, ‘Ma, one day I’ll be better than Lil Jon.'” The motivation is fixed.

At first, however, difficulties must be overcome. In 2005, Sean’s mother is caught in tax evasion and bank fraud and must be behind bars for several years. The older sister, who is also involved in the machinations, is going to jail for four months.

“I had a really close relationship with my mom,” Sean told Billboard Magazine. “When she left, it was as if suddenly a large part of me was missing.” Sean Kingston later processed his feelings and experiences from this time in his number “Prosecutor”.

At first, however, determination is required. Sean uses the borrowed calculator of a friend to set up a MySpace profile and goes into the endless expanses of the net for the search for a producer. His choice falls on J. R. Rotem, who has also been responsible for hits for 50 Cent, Britney Spears, Rihanna and Snoop Dogg.

“I bombarded him with MySpace messages,” Sean said. “Three, four, sometimes up to eight times a day, I have written to him for weeks.” Roberto’s younger brother, who manages his MySpace page, will eventually be able to resist the steadfastness of the young singer. He makes the contact.

The producer reacts enthusiastically: “He is more than a rapper and more than a R’n’B singer,” according to his judgment. “He is something that goes beyond it, his style and voice are unique, and he manages to put his whole heart into his music.”

J.R. Rotem flies the young colleagues to a meeting in Los Angeles. Sean Kingston emerges as the first signing on Rotems label Beluga Heights. For his self-titled debut they create a mixture of pop, hip hop, reggae and doo-wop. “Sean Kingston” is released in the USA in July 2007, and later in Europe.

The single “Beautiful Girls”, based on a sample by Ben E. King’s “Stand By Me” from the year 1961, develops worldwide to the chart hit. Sean Kingston and MIMS, Fergie, Natasha Bedingfield, Rick Ross, Flo Rida, The Game, and Gwen Stefani, Chris Brown and Kelly Clarkson.

On one thing Sean Kingston does not allow himself, however: in his texts are no swear words. “If a pastor’s daughter wants to buy my album: No problem,” asserts a well-to-do artist. “You do not want to be in my songs in vain.”