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SDP is an all-round musician duo from Berlin-Spandau.

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Behind Stonedeafproduction, better known under the abbreviation SDP, the musicians Vincent Stein and Dag. Together, they form a music duo that does not want to be assigned to a single genre.

The story begins in the Berlin district of Spandau. There they meet for the first time. After a demo tape, their first album “R√§uberpistole” will be released in 2004. This is where you can find almost everything you can imagine. You’ll find everything you need, from guitars, synths, scratches, vocals, rap, ballads, party sounds, profound lyrics and announcements.

By the way, Vincent Stein makes speeches under the pseudonym Beatzarre. He produces, among others, Aggro Berlin, Prinz Pi, but also the pop duo Ich & Ich. Over the next four years, three more albums will follow. To make the breakthrough SDP in 2010.

The single “Ne Leiche” with Sido posts double-digit million-kicks on YouTube and reflects the ironic attitude of the band. With an absolute earworm potential, the song rotates through the country’s radio stations. So the corresponding album “Kontrastprogramm” receives more attention.

2012 repeats the same stitch. The album “The Most Known Unknown Band of the World” appears, the single “The Night Of Monday On Friday,” but with Sido, strikes like a bomb.

2013 holds a further career highlight for SDP: Their longplayer “Colorful Rapublik Deutschpunk” lands in January even in fourth place on the German album charts. The unfamiliar mix of rock, pop, rap and punk is refined by guest appearances by Eko Fresh, Weekend, Club and Bass Sultan Hengzt.

For their lyrics, in which there is as great a variety as in their musicality, but the SDP always with a satirical undertone, the fans love the two-team. They themselves describe their music as “somehow pop”.