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Schoolboy Q is an American rapper.

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Apr 14, 2017
03:04 AM
California, Indio
81-800 Avenue 51
$55.00- $6000.00 Tickets
Jun 2, 2017
03:06 AM
New York, New York
20 Randalls Island Park
$369.00- $1495.00 Tickets

Schoolboy Q

Kendrick Lamar may be the over-rapper of the Black Hippy crew from Los Angeles. Right behind this, however, his buddy schoolboy positions himself in the hierarchy of the troop, whose great strength is actually to have no hierarchy.

When Kendrick appears on Drake’s and The Game’s albums, Schoolboy Q takes care of fans who are not yet ready to release their new favorite rappers from the Westcoast to the mainstream. Kendrick Lamar has the Tupac gene. Schoolboy Q, on the other hand, recalls the unpredictability of Eazy-Es.

Even if Schoolboy Q is celebrated as a new Westcoast star, he is not really from there. In October 1986 Quincy Hanley was born on a military base in Germany. He soon moved to Texas with his mother.

As a divorced child he knows about family problems, but the really difficult family circumstances he first gets to know in the social hotspots of Los Angeles, into which he moves in the school age with his mother.

He attended Crewnshaw High School, which was already Ice-T, and became a talented football player. The times, however, as aspirant students, from whom his artist’s name originated, are soon over. Sport is the only one that keeps him at school.

Soon, however, the bad grades Q’s main problem. He comes to the 52 Hoover Crips. Without growing up in really bad conditions. The mates make it stop, so you slip yourself. And then you’re just a gangbanger. And Drogendaler.

Schoolboy Q sells Oxycodone, a prescription pain reliever. And this makes good money. But it comes, as it must come: Of the two prospects, which young adults expect in the drug business, Q gets nevertheless the better of the two possibilities. He does not hit balls, but he goes to jail.

After a few months behind bars and a few in the house rest, Schoolboy Q meets Anthony ‘Top Dawg’ Tiffith. He is the head of Top Dawg Entertainment and is interested in Schoolboy Q’s rap talent. A talent that never paid much attention to the Q himself, until, after his difficulties with the law, he sought a valve for his aggression and future fears.

The rap thing becomes a real option and with top Dawg, Q has just found the right environment to live out. Not that the gang banging from one to the other day of the past, but what the other guys at Top Dawg – Jay Rock, Ab-Sould and Kendrick Lamar – musically, motivated Q, often just a bit longer in the studio.

The successes of Kendrick Lamar and Jay Rock as well as the compelling positive resonances from the Internet on every further song, which they release TDE rapper as a collective Black Hippy, fires the motivation further. The guys grow into a real crew. Kendrick Lamar is not the only one in the scene, but also Westcoast traditionalist Jay Rock, the Weed head Ab-Soul, and, last but not least, the human street rapper Schoolboy Q.

Q owns Biggies Swagger, the nonchalance of 50 cents, the road edge of Mobb Deep, the precision of Nas and the style of Jay-Z. He sets real standards with his download mixtapes “Setbacks” and “Habits & Contradictions”, which are actually whole albums, and positions himself between the old heroes of the gangstarap era and the new heroes who like to be primarily about drug cocktails and style -quotations.

Qs Contact to his boyfriend Tyga, who is now under contract at Young Money, helps him securely in networking, just as his proximity to the overhyped New Yorker AP Rocky, the Q simply called “the Eascoast version” of itself.