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Schiller is a pop and ambient project. It was named after the German poet Friedrich Schiller.

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No, this is not about good old Friedrich, but about the trance project of Messrs Mirko von Schlieffen and Christopher von Deylen from Hamburg. In addition to alternative bands such as Tocotronic and the stars and hip-hop acts such as Abolute Beginner, Fettes Brot and five-star deluxe, Schiller is another export camp from the far north.

Their successful single-debut “Das Glockenspiel” is followed by the Trancepop play “Liebesschmerz”. Hans Paetsch recounts the poem “Liebesschmerz” by Friedrich Schiller. In August 1999 her debut album “Zeitgeist” will be released. The fact that they have literally hit this is their chart performance: two months the album is in the top 100.

After the singles “Ruhe”, “English blends” and “Dream Of You” the album “Weltreise” will be released. As in the first work, the Hamburg boys combine driving rhythms and relaxing, spherical melodies with poetic lyrics. In addition to Peter Heppner from Wolfsheim, who makes a vocal part on “Dream Of You”, the album contains recitations with the synchro voices By X-Files Stars Mulder and Scully.

At the beginning of 2003 Mirko from Schlieffen rose, Christopher von Deylen continues the SChiller project alone. On the third album “Leben” the vocal dimension of Schiller’s music with Mila Mar, Sarah Brightman and Maya Saban is a further diversion. A successful move to accentuate new nuances of the tracks, give them an independent character. He also has the first single “love”, which remains firmly and negatively in the memory thanks to its maximum lard factor.

By the way, Deylen still has time to play the album “Bi Polar” together with his friend Harald Blüchel aka Cosmic Baby, before the Schiller-Train with the DVD to “Leben” – crowned by a sold out tour. At the request of the magazine Stern, Blüchel and von Deylen rejoin the controllers in the same year and compose “Mare Stellaris”, which serves as a sound carpet for “The Long Night of the Stars”.

Already in October 2005 “Tag Und Nacht”, the fourth Langspieler appears. The new Berliner succeeds in addition to the usual suspects also Thomas D for a song to win. Mike Oldfield also looks past the studio and plays guitar for another piece. A month later the next album will be released as part of a fundraising campaign in favor of the Hamburg Michel (a church). The Reiner solution flows into the preservation of the symbol. Deylen then takes a break again and goes on a trip to Calcutta in February 2006. In order to get a lot of impressions, the musician went on tour, on which also the one or other guest singer brilliant.

In the context of the celebrations on the 150th anniversary of Heinrich Heine’s death, Schiller collaborates with the Babelsberg film orchestra and writes two new songs. The next big performance follows in the pre-program of a Depeche Mode concert in Athens. A little cinematic documentation as well as five new plays, a concert tour and other extras will be released in the middle of November as a “Tagtraum” on a double DVD. For silvery fans there is a complete bonus album.

At the end of 2009, Schiller published a live double album with “Sehnsucht-Live”. It gives Deylen and Co. a nomination for the Echo Awards. In the following, Schiller is involved in the charity project “Musikhilft”. The corresponding Foundation for Music Therapy receives a completely new soundlogo. On “Breathless” (2010) Deylen’s impressions of a four-week Arctic trip on board the research vessel “Polarstern”.

With the 2012 work “Sonne”, Schiller continue the pattern of the concept album. This is the musical realization of summer and light. Together with the Count of Unheilig, the title track is another great single hit. The next tour will fill even the biggest arenas. As a rounding off of the overall package, Deylen 2013 will release a concert DVD and Blu-ray on the market.

Versatility and open-mindedness against a wide range of genres is particularly characteristic of Christopher von Deylen-Style. Using state-of-the-art studio technology, spherical sound carpet invites you to linger, discreet beats animate to the middle, now and then interwoven world music elements expand your own cosmos. Schiller songs are often reminiscent of pastel colored sound paintings in cinemascopes.