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Scarface is an American rapper from the South Acres neighborhood in Houston, Texas. He became known as a member of the formation Geto Boys.

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Date & Time Location Price
Feb 11, 2017
08:02 PM
Mississippi, Jackson
255 E Pascagoula St
$72.15- $3999.00 Tickets
Feb 18, 2017
08:02 PM
Arkansas, Little Rock
Markham At Broadway
$93.00- $403.00 Tickets
Feb 3, 2017
08:02 PM
North Carolina, Charlotte
2700 E Independence Blvd
$108.00- $545.00 Tickets
Apr 7, 2017
08:04 PM
Florida, Jacksonville
300 West Water Street
$101.00- $3999.00 Tickets
Feb 14, 2017
07:02 PM
Kentucky, Louisville
1 Arena Plaza
$75.29- $699.00 Tickets
Apr 14, 2017
08:04 PM
Georgia, Columbus
400 4th Street (also Known As Victory Dr Us 280
$68.00- $450.00 Tickets


He is the father of Dirty South-Rap. The Blaupause of the ghetto chronicler from the American south. A reference point for the Weezys, Jeezys and T.I., the Derrty Derrtys’ scene support and the initial foe of a movement in which the hip hop genre of the new millennium does not pass. Without Scarface there would not be the success of the Reality Rap from Houston, New Orleans and Atlanta.

With the Geto Boys, Scarface translated the uncompromising approach of N.W.A.s into a Southern-Narrative, on solo paths, the rapper became the pioneer of a storyteller generation that pressed the ugly face of American focusses on vinyl without regard for losses. Scarface is for the filthy south, which is Ice Cube for the West and Big Daddy Kane for the East Coast: father figure, trend setter and eternally unmatched legend.

A respect that Scarface has without a real mainstream buzz, already in the mid-nineties. At that time the big boys Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, 2Pac and Master P stormed into the studio of the Houston Natives. Brad Jordan is at that time the absolute embodiment of the Southern Thug. Hard, partly political, sometimes violent lyrics and his unconditional loyalty to the unknown producer Mike Dean make him internally to the legend without absolute top hits. But even in the middle of the 90s, the fossil already belongs to a decade of rap inventory.

Under the pseudonym Akshen the notorious entrepreneur and gangster James Smith aka J. Prince in the 80s at Rap-A-Lot Records under contract and brings him in his crew The Geto Boys (with Willie D and Bushwick Bill). Their debut “Grip It! On That Other Level” (1990) shocked the music scene with uncompromisingly violent lyrics. The album also contains the song “Scarface”, in which Akshen presents his new alter ego. Scarface stands for a scars face, is also the nickname of Al Capone, as well as the title of Brian de Palma produced blockbusters, in which Al Pacino embodies the gangster / Mafia Blaupause.

In the water of success, the most charismatic Geto Boy from 1991 on Solopfaden, which ultimately leads to irreconcilable differences with Bill and Willie. It is the beginning of a groundbreaking solokarriere. “The Scarlet Is Back” (1991), “The World Is Yours” (1993), and “The Diary” (1994) with the legendary Ice Cube collaboration “Hand Of The Deadbody” underline the abilities of the rapper. While the ice cube rises to become a rap and Hollywood superstar, the scars face with “Untouchable” (1997) and “My Homies” (1998) in the underground. Scarface is only to be recognized by the country with “The Fix”.

Scarface, despite Old School’s appeal, is even at the top of the rising Dirty South. And to that of the business, which later became so demonized: Scarface rose to the presidency of the newly founded Def Jam South-Ablegate, took the first artist Ludacris under contract and personally starts his beginning of the end.

As in the storm, Atlanta conquers with Ludacris at the top and Lil Jons crunk beats as march music charts, clubs and streets. And even in Houston’s backyards is formed with Lil Flip, Paul Wall, Z-Ro and Slim Thug Jordan’s wake-up. The veteran, as well as his New York colleagues, remains only the spectator.

Only when T.I. An imaginary king murder, crowns himself with “Urban Legend” himself to the “King Of The South” and the other young savage jump to the Scarface status, the name Scarface moves once again into the brightest spotlight. T.I. One throws blasphemy, because the only king of the South is Scarface. The Majorlabels are again sounded.

While his evil ex-label Rap-A-Lot throws an album after the next on the shelves, exchange-exchanges and download-shops (among other things the collaboration with 2Pac “2Face”, Scarface without the knowledge of Scarface) Subterranean shadow. The waves even soften that Scarface takes a new Geto Boys album with Bill and Willie.

To his respect in the scene he has long since no longer wrestle. In the very beginning, he won the mainstream again with his soloplates “Made” and “Emeritus”. Scarface, however, left him with the career efforts. The Dirty South has long belonged to the grandchildren in spirit – Lil Wayne, Soulja Boy and Consorts – who have lifted what Scarface once took from the baptism to a completely different level.