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Saxon is a heavy metal band, founded in 1979 in Barnsley.

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Mar 29, 2017
07:03 PM
New York, New York
237 West 42 St.
$77.50- $450.00 Tickets
Mar 30, 2017
07:03 PM
New York, New York
237 West 42 St.
$77.75- $450.00 Tickets
Mar 28, 2017
07:03 PM
Ohio, Cleveland
308 Euclid Avenue
$50.98- $450.00 Tickets
Mar 21, 2017
06:03 PM
Colorado, Denver
1902 Blake St
$51.00- $450.00 Tickets
Mar 10, 2017
07:03 PM
Texas, Dallas
10110 Technology Blvd
$42.75- $450.00 Tickets
Mar 16, 2017
07:03 PM
California, Los Angeles
1050 S Hill Street
$55.98- $450.00 Tickets
Apr 2, 2017
07:04 PM
Massachusetts, Allston
158 Brighton Avenue
$99.00- $650.00 Tickets
Mar 11, 2017
07:03 PM
Texas, San Antonio
1305 East Houston Street
$45.00- $450.00 Tickets
Mar 15, 2017
08:03 PM
California, San Francisco
628 Divisadero Street
$176.53- $450.00 Tickets
Mar 23, 2017
08:03 PM
Wisconsin, Milwaukee
1721 W Canal St.
$72.00- $235.00 Tickets


Saxon, together with Maiden, Priest or Black Sabbath, are among the co-founders of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal.

Prior to Saxon, there were two bands in South Yorkshire, England: SOB with guitarist Graham Oliver and bassist Steve Dawson and Coast with singer Biff Byford and guitarist Paul Quinn. With drummer Pete Gill, the other four join together and the new formation, called Son Of A Bitch, stands. After a few years the members reject the name and rename themselves to Saxon.

Even after the release of their first album, the guys in the pre-program of Motörhead will play their first tour of England. As an equivalent mascot to Motörheads Bomber or Iron Maidens Eddie, Saxon have their eagle, which the Roadcrew calls only ‘Biff’s Budgie’, Biffs budgerigars.

Within two years, Saxon bring out three CDs, despite the fact that they tour almost the entire year in 1981 throughout the world. After the release of “Denim And Leather”, America is on the map, the band from New York to San Francisco with a total of 38 gigs covering the whole continent.

Results of this tour are the prompt publication of “Strong Arm Of The Law” in the states, booking for another tour and recording for a live record, which is missed on the request of the fans the title “The Eagle Has Landed”. This is the first time that Nigel Glockler plays on the drums, as Pete has said good bye.

“Power And Glory”, the last album for Carrere Records, is a powerful one. In Los Angeles alone, Saxon set 15,000 units in the first week. From there, EMI takes on the band’s interests and moves the recordings for “Crusader” to Los Angeles.

The United States team up with Mötley Crüe in a co-headlining tour before Iron Maiden invite them to repeat the whole thing a short time later. In 1995, Saxon also moved with the German metal-giant Accept through Germany.

Album number seven is recorded by Saxon in Holland. It marks the end point for Basser Steve, who separates himself from the band, as his wife places him before the election. Divorce Attorneys are expensive, so Paul Johnson takes his job and sums up the credits on “Rock The Nation”, although it is actually Biff playing the bass parts. On “Party ‘Till You Puke” and one of the three singles “Northern Lady”, Sir Elton John takes over the piano parts, which again shows how the hare rocks.

Before the recording of “Destiny”, Nigel packs his last name and his suitcases and makes room for Nigel Durham, who is drumming on the last EMI-produced album. His guest game, however, only takes a short time, as the old Nigel and surname return on the next tour. Paul jammed for this. The then 22-year-old Tim ‘Nibbs’ Carter takes his job.

The next live album is on, as well as a co-headliner tour with Manowar through Germany. The time between “Solid Ball Of Rock” and “Forever Free” also runs as usual: eager tours, among others in Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil and New Zealand and once again a live record.

After appearing “Dogs Of War” in 1995, Graham leaves Oliver Saxon to reform with Steve Dawson and Pete Gill Son Of A Bitch. Their album “Victim You” is released in 1996. Grahams Part has been performing Doug Scarrat since, but he is also on “Unleash The Beast” on Tonbeserve.

As Graham collaborates with two other former founders of Saxon, he soon claims the rights to the name. In his band, more original members would be playing, as with Saxon himself. The laws around the naming rights go on merrily, and Saxon throw around for a while with live albums and compilations, probably to cover the costs.

Drummer Nigel obviously can not really decide what he wants. After another extensive tour of the states, he will rise again. Saxon finds in the German Fritz Randow. What is published until the 1999 album “Metalheads”, meanwhile at SPV, to Compilations and scrap, mocks every description. Every label wants to cash again.

In 2001 “Killing Ground” is the 15th studio album in stores. Saxon play the record at Karo Studios in Brackel under the direction of Nikolo Kotzev. The first edition of “Killing Ground” comes as a double album with a bonus CD in the stores, on which some of their classics were newly recorded. The controversy over the naming rights to Saxon is going on well.

In 2003 the first DVD of the Metal-Urgesteine, “The Saxon Chronicles” will be released. This is the gig of the Wacken Open Air 2001 as well as some older appearances, pictures and interviews.

On 25 February, finally, a court decides that Biff and Co. henceforth have the rights to the name Saxon. Oliver and Dawson look into the tube. Otherwise, the year goes very well for the band. She plays at several major festivals.

Another DVD, which combines the two VHS “Live Innocence” and “Power And The Glory”, and the work for the next album are on display. But before the recordings go off, Drummer Randow goes out to the band to concentrate more on the reunited Victory. His place temporarily occupied by Stratovarius-Fellgerber Jörg Michael.

As soon as “Lionheart” is on the shelves in the middle of September 2004, the British are on the bus again across Europe with Dream Evil and Chinchilla. Actually, they also want to start a tour in memory of the NWOBHM and play exclusively old material. But since Biff’s house burns completely in Normandy, it all comes down.

Once again Nigel Glockner returns to take his place behind the drum kit, but also with him they do not come to Dubai to play at the Desert Rock Festival. The stone of the offense is provided by the text “Crusader”, which says that the pagan Saracens would soon get the sword … Saxon concentrate instead on the next studio album “The Inner Sanctum”.

As soon as it is on the market at the beginning of March, it is already on tour again with Masterplan and Hellfueled. Another DVD, “To Hell And Back Again,” appears, and Biff publishes his absolutely readable biography, “Saxon – Never Surrender.”

2008 it remains relatively quiet around the Saxons apart from some festivals such as the Bang Your Head. This is mainly because they are already working on the two upcoming albums. “Into The Labyrinth”, so to speak a typical Saxon album, is finished at the end of 2008 and is on the shelves at the beginning of January of the following year.

Previously, Saxon revive old times and go on tour with Motörhead after almost exactly 30 years. In time for the release of “Into The Labyrinth”, they are on co-headlining with Iced Earth. The old sacks are simply not to be submerged and give a constancy to the day, from which all the masters of their age and some younger ones could cut off a slice.

Also continue to publish Saxon strong albums and bring in 2011 with “Heavy Metal Thunder – The Movie” even their own film on the market. In April 2012 they celebrate themselves with the release of the live CD / DVD “Heavy Metal Thunder – Live – Eagles Overwacken”.

At the same time, they have to accept the box set “The Carrere Years (1979-1984)”, which EMI puts on the market. This is the right-minded compilation of the first seven (!) Records that Saxon recorded in the five years when they were signed by the French label Carrere.

Just a year later the guys around Biff Byford present their twentieth studio album. The album “Sacrifice” will be released in March 2013. The mastermind describes the approach as follows:

“My appeal to the band was to go raw and authentic, and you should not be afraid to be inspired by the bandbase.” So it always was, so may it be long.