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Saving Abel is an American rock band, founded in 2004 in Corinth/Mississippi.

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Saving Abel

Saving Abel plays hard rock with postgrung and southern rock influences. Jason Null, one of the founders of the band, said that the band name, based on the story of Cain and Abel of the Old Testament, which he had geogled. There, the passage “… there was no saving Abel” immediately caught his eye.

The band is currently under contract at Virgin Records.

The band was founded in 2004 by Jason Null and Jared Weeks in Corinth / Mississippi. Weeks practiced playing guitar at a friend, who wanted to rehearse in a local band playing there. Together they began to write songs.

In early 2005 the band was invited by Skidd Mills to Memphis to produce an EP in his studio. Due to the success of the CD, the label Virgin Records became aware of the band and signed it in 2008.

Shortly after, Eric Taylor, Scott Bartlett and Blake Dixon joined the band. The band distributed their demos at concerts by well-known local bands in order to promote advertising on their own behalf. In 2006 the band produced an album under their own small label. By chance, a copy of her single addicted came to Mark Hunter, a Virginian label, asking the band to send a copy to the label. CEO Jason Flom sent Kim Stephens to Jackson to get a picture of the band. On March 11, the band released their first album under Virgin Records. Until February 2009 the album sold over 380,000 times. Already on 15 January, the album reached number 49 of the US billboard charts, and on March 15 the album received the Golden Record.

At the beginning of 2009 the band gave concerts with Papa Roach, Nickelback and Hinder. On April 7, 2009 their EP 18 Days Tour was released. The band gave their first tour as headliners with Red, Pop Evil and Taddy Porter as pre-groups.

In 2008 the first album of the band, called Saving Abel, was released. It immediately reached the 49th place in the US charts and the golden record.

A year later followed the EP 18 Days Tour. In 2010 the album Miss America appeared. Also her previously released singles have so far successfully in the USA arrived. Their single addicted reached 20th place on the US single charts shortly after the release, the 44th place on the Canadian charts and the 19th place in the Australian charts, as well as the platinum status.