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Saves the Day is an American band from New Jersey.

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Saves the Day

Can you conquer the music world when you come from the forests of New Jersey? Surely, Saves The Day prove it. Her specialty is Emo and melodic punkrock. David Soloway (guitar) and Chris Conley (vocals, guitar) make music together at the tender age of thirteen. Initially, they cover Smashing Pumpkins songs, then publish them under the name Seffler on a small label a first record. However, the success remains unfulfilled.

Chris and Bryan Newman (drums) are in for the song “Can not Slow Down” in 1997 without their bandmates. While Bryan sits on drums, Chris plays all the instruments and sings. As a guitarist, her longtime friend and ex-Seffler member David Soloway returns. Just before the first Wintertour, Ted Alexander (guitar), also a longtime friend. Bass player Eben D’Amico completes the band a few months later.

The debut album “Can not Slow Down” was released by Equal Vision Records in 1998 while the band members were still going to high school. The successor “Through Being Cool” (1999) also appears with Equal Vision. Both records are produced by Steve Evetts (Lifetime, Sepultura).

On the other hand, Rob Schnapf (Beck, Elliott Smith) is behind the controllers on the third longplayer “Stay What You Are”, which is released in 2001 (Vagrant Records). “The album has not necessarily become so that people who like ‘Through Beeing Cool’ want to put it on and stand out from the state,” says guitarist David. Nevertheless, they sell 25,000 copies in the first week.

With this disc, it starts to run really well for Saves The Day. They tour with Blink 182, Dashboard Confessional, Weezer and Green Day. The band sells over half a million albums. Saves The Day are the shooting stars of the Emo scene. Nevertheless, drummer Newman leaves the band. He is only replaced by Peter Parada and then by Durijah Lang.

Saves The Day already have material for the next album “In Reverie” together, then comes the case. Their new label, which they just came to terms with, is going bankrupt. The combo sits on the street. The record finally appears on Dreamworks, and it sells almost 150,000 times even without large label support.

In 2005, the quartet set up their own studio, which they called “Electric Ladybug”, as tribute to Jimi Hendrix. However, before Saves The Day can be found in their own homes, they must find a replacement for Eben D’Amico. From Glassjaw comes Manny Carrero, who takes the bass.

With him, they play “Sound The Alarm”, which they practice on tour with Senses Fail and Emanuel. Since STD have no obligations, but have impressive sales figures, they can choose their label quasi. Vagrant is back with the song “Sound The Alarm”, a collection of highly melodic emo songs, in April 2006. The following year they continued their project – a self-discovery album trilogy in their own studio – with “Under The Boards”.