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Sasha is a German pop singer.

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In the section “Teen-Pop from Germany” he is the shooting star of the outgoing 90s. Already his first single, the Schmuse-Reggae-earworm “I’m Still Waiting”, held at the end of 1998 in the top ranks of the charts. The hit-paradise mix of soul and pop, which marks his debut album “Dedicated To …” and numerous other singles, Sasha secures a place among the most successful German pop stars.

The 1.82-meter-long mother-in-law room was born with a preference for casual business outfits on 5 January 1972 in Soest in Westphalia. His name is less glamorous than the place of birth: Sascha Schmitz. But all this is not a hindrance for a steep career.

It starts, after first attempts at school, with the band Junkfood, in Sasha with a few mates like Nirvana and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The project remains unsuccessful, but it also teaches the singer’s live qualities and, when recording for a demo tape, leads to the encounter with producers who engage Sasha as a background singer.

Sasha earned the first laurels as a duo partner of Fatima Napo aka Young Deenay on the single “I Wanna Be Your Lover”. Their success opens the door to the solo career. This is followed by the first single and the album. His sympathetic TV appearances, among others he intelligently talks with late-night talker Harald Schmidt, leave pleasant impression.

Not only is this a good thing: the glory is spreading abroad, even to America. There, Sasha’s LP will be released in autumn 1999. Whether he can withstand the already violently competing comparisons with George Michael, has yet to show. After all, both were in the conversation for the MTV Europe Music Awards 1999, Sasha even twice: as the best German act and as the best male artist. Even if he is against the overwhelming competition (except him and George Michael were still Ricky Martin, Robbie Williams and the ultimately victorious Will Smith nominated) has no chance: No German before Sasha was nominated twice.

In October 2001, Sasha surprised her fans with the first single-release “Here She Comes Again” from the November 2007 album “Surfin ‘On A Backbeat”. The guitars bristle as if you were dealing with an alternative act. Of course behind the rocking development is again a catchy tune melody. The fans will still have to get used to it. Critics regard the album as “the first timid step in the right direction”.

To go straight on from the cuddle-pop image straight forward would seem to have been too easy. In 2002, Sasha delivered the anthem for the coverage of the FIFA World Cup in Japan and South Korea with “This Is My Time” and then disappears completely Recess.

In his place, a young man enters the stage of the show business, which sees Mr. Schmitz from Soest astonishingly similar: Sasha is doing a lot of effort for his originally rocket-rockabilly alter ego. Dick Brave is not lacking in a complete CV or a distinctive American-Canadian accent.

Current hits and classics (including Pink’s “Get The Party Started,” the all-time favorite “Walk This Way” by Run DMC and Jerry Lee Lewis’s “Great Balls Of Fire”) take on a time journey and resurrect in the style of the 50s : What is that supposed to be for a concept? Well, the success is right for the project. Dick Brave and his backbeats end up with “Dick This!” At the top of the album charts – and four-in-a-row Wok (Stefan Raab, the China Pan is a winter sports device in 2003) on the world champion’s podium.

The album follows in 2004 a live DVD (“Live At The Limelight”), recorded in Limelight in Cologne. After four sold out tours, an echo and a farewell concert in front of 10,000 fans in the Dortmunder Westfalenhalle, the intermezzo Dick Brave ends.

And then? Sasha, as he tells the public, enjoys the luxury that his success brings him – time. “I felt I did not have to run to get to the goal.” He has the necessary leisure and works on his successor album for twelve months. The production process of the record is described as a “journey to itself”. The result of this self-discovery trip is under the title “Open Water” from March 2006 in the Plattenläden. The teen sound seems to be a definitive story: Sasha presents himself as a songwriter with hand-tapped pop music.

The somewhat rockier tones hardly recall the Tennie-Popidol of the 90s, shows itself much more mature and allows itself more and more rest breaks. So he gives us a nice retrospective of his ten-year career at Christmas time. “Greatest Hits” from Soest with some highlights from the moving life of a musician who is still regarded as the nicest man next door.

You can be curious about what the future holds. Maybe a trip into the hardcore scene à la Lordi? On costumes and 180-degree turns have finally become accustomed.

Instead, Sasha retreats to his pop-field. He, who looks back on experiences with colleagues from Till Brönner about Udo Lindenberg, Michael Mittermeier and Nena, and Xavier Naidoo, does not use experiments and puts on a quiet, almost set album with “Good News On A Bad Day” Swing of the Dick Brave days only in approaches. Actually, only one thing remains constant: Once again, Sasha leaves all expectations behind.

Two years later, he rowed back again. The cuddle suit stays in the closet, and it’s time to unload boots, jeans, and his old ego, Dick Brave (“Rock’n’Roll Therapy”). Still, the shadows of the past can not be so easily shaken off. Better: Sasha wants to bring everything together with the album “The One”.