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Muse Drones World Tour Tickets

Muse definitely knows how to perform on the stage, this is why the demand as well as the prices for their Drones World Tour Tickets are on the rise. Hailing from Teignmouth, Devon and established in 1994, the English Rock band has already caused sensation among their fans with their inspiring trailer for Drones World Tour 2015/16 leftward. Matthew Bellamy and his two partners, drummer Dominic Howard and bassist Christopher Wolstenholme are already known for their unique live performances during their past tours.

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Muse Drones World Tour

As the name reflects, the Drones World Tour by Muse is a bid to promote their already popular latest studio album, Drones. The rock band has already reached the top of box office charts in UK as well as in United States. Not only in UK and US, Muse is also a popular band in Europe and South East Asia where they have already performed in front of large crowds. In Singapore, fans have paid the highest average price so far for Muse tickets 2015-16 during their latest live performance at Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Even though, the tenth world tour by the rock band has already started on 23rd May 2015 with their talk of the town performance in Norwich, England, the band is adding new venues to their schedule in response of their fans requests and online campaigns.

The first 4 legs of Drones World Tour 2015/16 have already completed. The band had performed in large arenas, stadiums and festivals in Europe and Asia. They have also performed in Download Festival at Derby, England for the first time in their career. The countries where they have already performed are England, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Poland, Russian, Finland, Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, France, Luxemburg, Portugal, Spain and Italy in Europe. In Asia, they have performed in Japan, China, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong and South Korea.

Where Drones World Tour is Heading?

There are plenty of places left for Muse to perform in their Drones World Tour. Not only that, there is news that they are also planning to add new venues after their stadium packed shows in their last performances. They will also visit Europe once again during last leg of their World Tour.

  • Fifth phase. The fifth leg of the Drones World Tour is starting from 15th October, 2015 at Santiago, Chile. The rock band will perform in South America from 15th till 27th October at Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Columbia.
  • Sixth phase. The next step of Muse is North America where they will perform at different cities in Mexico and United States. The 6th leg of Muse tour will start at Mexico City on 17th November and will conclude at Los Angeles, United States on 18th December 2015.
  • Seventh phase. The band will visit Europe once again from 26th February, 2016. From Paris to their conclusive performance at Helsinki, Finland on 14th June, Muse will perform at 24 different cities throughout Europe.

Muse Tickets 2015-2016

If you are a fan planning to attend or buy Muse world tour 2015 tickets, you may need to hurry. According to the ticketing firm, Ticketbis, after the great success of their last performances in Asia, the prices of their tickets have increased by 25%. The fans are willing to pay higher prices now to see their favorite band perform live. Muse has also come up with creative ideas to provide unique experience to their fans. They not only used drones in their live performances, but also performing from the center of the arenas and stadiums to offer a 360 degree view to their audience.

The average price paid in Singapore by fans during their last performance was $213. On whole, the average price for Muse world tour 2015 tickets is $114 to $143 which is 25% higher than their 2014-2015 tour. Singapore was the most expensive so far while Lisbon performance was cheapest, where fans had to pay $83 on average.

Where to Buy Muse concert Tickets?

Muse concerts tickets 2015-2016 are available at different online ticketing websites where fans can book their tickets in advance to avoid last minute rush. One of the most competitive venues for fans to buy Muse tickets is California where the band enjoys a huge local fan following. As the latest album already hit the top spot at charts in United States, the tickets are vanishing quickly for North American venues. Some of the other places where fans need to hurry to buy Muse tickets is Paris where Muse already performed in front of a jam-packed crowd and of course, don’t wait to buy tickets for England venues as the local crowd is waiting for the home based band to come back. The band will perform in Manchester on 2 days and London for 4 days at the O2 April to attend as many fans as possible.

Don’t wait to Buy Muse World Tour 2015-2016 Tickets

With the success all around the world and rising ticket prices, there is no need to wait any longer for fans to get their tickets in advance. Waiting any longer means you may miss out as tickets are disappearing quickly or you may have to pay higher price. Get your ticket and be ready for the unique 360 degree view of their performance along with some eye catching display of drones along with military drones at the arenas.