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# 1 in the US, platinum in New Zealand and top 5 rankings in 9 countries - that is the track record of Jason Derulo single "Whatcha Say". With his debut single just turned 20-year-old Jason Derulo showed surprisingly high waves.

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Jason Derulo

Jason Derulo (born September 21, 1989 in Miramar, Florida; notation also DeRulo or Derülo, as a songwriter Jason Desrouleaux) is an American singer (R & B / Pop) and songwriter.


Life and musical beginnings

Derulos parents are from Haiti, he was born as Jason Joel Desrouleaux in Miramar (Florida). He began with five original songs to write and later learned ballet. At 17, he graduated from the American Academy of Music and then began to write for famous artists with 18 songs. He also worked as a singer with rappers like Pitbull and Birdman together, their albums The boatlift or 5 * Stunna he was represented of 2007. He also wrote for Lil Wayne and Kat DeLuna and helped among other with some lyrics. Record label American King of Rapper Mims he published in February of the following year his debut single Cyberlove, at whose Remix Mims participated themselves.

2009: Change to Beluga Heights / Worldwide breakthrough

Before Album Release Derulo joined the label Beluga Heights of successful producers J.R. Rotem. but More Releases also did not bring the hoped-for breakthrough, so that the release of an album, planned titles Future History, was further postponed.

2009 then another offensive was launched together with the major label Warner. With large announcement the song Whatcha Say was released. The song was produced by J. R. Rotem and the German producer Fuego and used a sample from Imogen Heap song Hide and Seek. This time, entered the desired success and in November 2009, the song reached # 1 on the US charts. For the song Ridin ‘Solo, which reached number 9 in the US charts, it uses the sample of The Verve songs Bittersweet Symphony. Add to Good Music Charts This song ranked # 1 and stayed there for 10 weeks. Thus, this is the first number-one hit, which could hold 10 weeks on the chart peak. On September 30, 2013 Ridin ‘Solo could again place after 53 weeks at the top 10th This success has so far only Jason.

2011-2012: Second album Future History

On September 19, published in 2011 Derulo his second studio album Future History. The first single from the album called Do not Wanna Go Home and was published on May 20, 2011th This was number 1 hit in the UK, landing in the top 5 in Australia.

Add to Good Music Charts on YouTube this song was like Ridin Solo 10 weeks hold on the chart peak. In August 2013, this song was again placed in the top 30 of the Good Music Charts.

In February 2012, Derulo wanted to take a tour of the UK, but the spine broke the samples and therefore canceled all dates for the tour.

On 16 December 2011, a compilation that Derulos contains old and new releases in remix form appeared. It contains the title Reloaded. In July 2012, the Platinum Edition appeared to Future History, the. A second CD with remixes of all the songs that have been published as a single, virtually a double album Future History and Reloaded Also his 10th single Undefeated was included. However Undefeated was in Europe at a rather smaller success. In the US, the single reached 90 and in Australia and New Zealand respectively ranked 14th and will be ranked 26th

2013: New Studio Album

On April 16, 2013 published one of the songs from the new album, The Other Side, as a single. He was able to reach the top 10 in Australia and Top 50 in the US and many European countries after a few weeks. On July 19, he announced on its official website that the album will be called tattoos. Soon followed by the date for the release of his third studio album. It appeared on 20 September. Pre was released as a second single Dirty Talk, which was also placed in the UK and Germany No. 1 on the singles charts. Add to Good Music Charts This song has so far reached # 5 on the charts. Also a great tour is confirmed to the new album in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.