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Janet Jackson has conquered with a lot of ambition and hot shows a firm place in the R&B scene. Her biggest hits include "When I Think Of You", "Control", "Miss You Much" and "That's The Way Love Goes".

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Janet Jackson

Janet Damita Jo Jackson (born May 16, 1966 in Gary, Indiana) is an American singer, dancer and actress. With more than 130 million albums sold it is one of the most successful performers of the 1990s. She is the youngest member of the family of musicians Jackson. Your five older brothers were known as the Jackson Five, her brother Michael Jackson was one of the most commercially successful pop musicians of our time.



Janet is the youngest of ten children together by Joseph Jackson and Katherine Jackson. The family lived together in a 2-bedroom bungalow near the steel plant, was working in his father Joe. Mother Katherine worked as a saleswoman at Sears before they joined the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

During her five older brothers Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon and Michael as the Jackson Five in the late 1960s started their career and publish first plates under Motown Records, planned Janet, who had a fondness for horses as a jockey, first a career far from the headlight glare. However, your father made after shrinking success of the band other plans for his children and so they had to stand in April 1974 in Las Vegas together on stage. The then eight year old Janet draws while with parodies of famous stars like Cher, Marie Osmond and Mae West the public’s interest in coming.

1976 Fred Silverman, president of CBS television, pay attention to the combo. The Chair sought potential successor to the expiring Sonny – & – Cher Show and dedication to the family for a new format. On June 16 of that year, launched on the same time slot as a result, the entertainment show The Jacksons. The show ran for two seasons and took only a year later, in 1977, to an abrupt end.

Janet, who expressed an interest in acting at the same time, was then for the role of Penny in the family sitcom Good Times committed a commitment that they continue to pursue the end of 1979 to the dismissal of the series. From 1980, she was finally alongside Rob Lowe and Todd Bridges to see entertaining in the series A New Kind Of Family and in Diff’rent Strokes.

Solo career


Although she never wanted to pursue a career as a singer and has been acting only as a background singer or duet partner for or with her brothers, Janet decided in 1981, with her two sisters La Toya, Rebbie and her boyfriend Tobias Winter to form their own band. However, disputes between older siblings prevented cooperation, and La Toya, who was henceforth as a single artist under contract, her sister persuaded a guest appearance on her album.

Janet soon began to produce their own debut album Janet Jackson, which was released in the fall of 1982 via A & M Records. The plate is despite known name with just over 1 million units sold worldwide show that the success. The three singles Young Love, Say You Do and Come Give Your Love To Me can place well in US-dance and R & B charts the other hand, after all. After a short engagement in the series Fame Janet steps in 1984 with their second album ahead, but Dream Street undercutting the success of the first LP and not even made it into the Top 100 on the album charts.

At the same time as learned Janet James DeBarge, the oldest member of the family band DeBarge, know and love. The two married, but separated soon from one another again, and the marriage was consequently canceled.

1985 joined Janet for the first time (and against the will of their parents) together with the team of producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, which had previously worked with Prince. three within months created together the album Control which more than 15 million times goes after its release in February 1986 worldwide over the counter and Janet makes the youngest singer who has succeeded with an album and a single (When I Think of You) simultaneously no. 1 to show the American single and album charts. In the wake of the success of six more singles from the disc to be coupled, including four top 10 hits.

1988 Janet Jackson began recording their fourth album Rhythm Nation 1814. The person responsible of A & M Records were expecting a new version of its predecessor, but Jackson brought a modernized, style-conscious mix of rock numbers and pop ballads. The first single Miss You Much reached number one on the US Billboard charts of the year 1989. At the end of the CD had more than 16 million units ultimately sold even better than Control and also in the US singles charts it was excellent: reached all seven outcouplings the top 10, four of them even went to court. 1


After the outstanding success as a singer in the late 1980s, Janet began in 1992 again increased to act as an actress. Director John Singleton has Jackson starring in the drama Poetic Justice alongside rapper Tupac Shakur on, a film which has an impact both on their future “free zügigeres” Image and the style of their subsequent albums. The film did not make it into the German cinemas since it was not a loan.

In May 1993, Jackson released by a label change to Virgin Records two years earlier janet their fifth studio album simply entitled .. The plate outperformed the predecessor again: You sold a total of 17 million copies and debuted in over 22 countries at the top of the album charts. The first single That’s The Way Love Goes is concerned about another worldwide hit and later a Grammy for “Best R & B Song”. The ballad Again, that can be heard in the end credits of Poetic Justice, 1994 nominated as “Best Original Score” for the Oscar.

In 1995 she produced with her brother Michael Jackson the single Scream, whose music video is considered a cost of approximately 7 million dollars as most expensive music video production. 1996 extended Janet its collaboration with Virgin and signed a second contract for another 80 million US $ (the hitherto most lucrative recording contract for a singer). However, clinical depression affect a progress of the work on their new album The Velvet Rope, which hits stores late and great distance from its last plant in October 1997th Although the CD can not build on the very great successes of the last three albums, but is particularly applicable to critics due to the processing of spiritual and socially critical issues such as racism and AIDS very well received. With Got ‘Til It’s Gone, Together Again, I Get Lonely and Go Deep album also brings forth a number of the most successful and best known songs Jackson.

At the same time it started in Jackson’s second marriage with the dancer Rene Elizondo, which had been closed under secrecy in summer 1991 to kriseln. Press rumors and time-consuming promotional appearances amplified the effect around the couple separated 1999th Elizondo sued Jackson later to maintenance, won the 2002 a fraction of the many millions he had demanded after the divorce, awarded.


In early 2000 it moved Janet Jackson for the first time on the big screen. In Family Klump and Nutty Professor, sequel to the 1996 blockbuster Nutty Professor, she played Professor Denise Gaines, the fiancée of Eddie Murphy’s character Sherman Klump. At the same time she steered with Does not Really Matter in the soundtrack to the film and thus landed another No. 1 hit in the US.

They also began to record their seventh studio album All For You, which will be published in April 2001, just one year later and with over three million units sold in just the States, another bestseller for Jackson. The eponymous first single is accompanied by the success of the album and reached in over twenty countries, the head of the single charts. The successor outcouplings Someone To Call My Lover and Son Of A Gun with Missy Elliott and P. Diddy behave similarly successful, but flopping in Europe. At the end of the year toward Janet is also heard as chorus voice on the Beenie Man Title Feel It Boy and can be seen in the accompanying video.

In the meantime, Jackson will always rumored affairs with celebrities such as the actor Matthew McConaughey, singers Justin Timberlake and Johnny Gill or the rapper Q-Tip. However, it is since 2002 a relationship with music producer Jermaine Dupri.

In February 2004, Jackson fell with their appearance at the Super Bowl in the headlines. Duet partner Justin Timberlake exposed during her performance at the line “gonna have you naked by the end of this song” ( “would have you pulled up to the end of the song”) “accidentally” on camera Jacksons right breast and sparked by a US -wide scandal. Although not, but rejected both Timberlake and Janet itself at the appropriate time any blame a costume error, the circumstances of the body designated by the press as such “Nipplegate” affair remain unanswered. Jackson was forced later to apologize formally on television, and was primarily in the US in the coming weeks target public controversy. Against Jackson lawsuit was filed by civil law, from which it was but later acquitted. In the long run led to the “scandal” on the one hand to stricter censorship efforts by the FCC in live transmissions, on the other hand also to a greatly increased demand for nipple piercings.

Barely a month later, the singer released her eighth album Damita Jo, whose title is made up of its second and third names. Despite – or perhaps because – of the many press reports on their person after the Super Bowl appearance, the record sold internationally rather weak; in the States, it was enough in the first week due to 400,000 sold copies anyway to # 2 in the album charts. The decoupled singles Just A Little While, I Want You and All Nite (Do not Stop), however, will find even less hearing and fail at low chart positions.

Since 2006

In September 2006, Janet Jackson published after renewed collaboration with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, and her partner, producer Jermaine Dupri, their ninth studio album 20 Y.O. (20 Years Old) (the album’s title refers to the book published in 1986 album Control). The first single Call On Me, a collaboration with rapper Nelly, placed in the top 30 of the Billboard charts, but flopped in Europe. The second single So Excited got vocal support of US newcomer Khia, but also could not really argue in the charts themselves. Successful hand it went for Janet in Japan with the single Enjoy – a typical, cheerful Janet Jackson song. In December 2006, Jackson received a Grammy nomination for “Best Contemporary R & B” for the LP. Yet, the album reached earlier in the charts mediocrity.

After more than 13 years Janet left in June 2007 her record label Virgin Records. The album Discipline was published in 2008 on the label Def Jam Records and includes productions of Jermaine Dupri, Ne-Yo, Stargate, Tricky Stewart and The-Dream. Executive Producer of the album is Antonio “L.A.” Reid. In December, the first single Feedback was coupled, which could be placed in the charts worldwide. The album reached # 1 on the US charts, but was sold less than 500,000 copies. Only their studio albums Janet Jackson (1982) and Dream Street (1984) sold bad. Even in 2008 was followed by a tour of North America.

At the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, the Radio City Music Hall, New York City, took place on September 13th 2009, Janet was the final highlight of a tribute show for Michael Jackson, the MTV honor of the King of Pop at the beginning of awards show was organized.

After Janet has disconnected from Iceland Def Jam Records, she signed again in 2009 a record deal with A & M Records.

In February 2010, Janet Jackson participated alongside more than 80 other artists on the charity single We Are the World 25 for Haiti. They sang along with her late brother Michael (The music video has been inserted in the new video Michael Jackson from the old We-Are-the-World-Video.